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Lake McClure 07/24/2021

Yak-A-Bass July 24th 2021

Tournament identifier code: TBD

Open Launch

Launch 5:00am

Fishing starts 5:30 am

End of fishing 1:30 pm

Photo upload 3:30 pm

East of 99 Challenge - 02/20/2021


This the boundary for the “East of 99” tournament. Any public body of water east of Hwy 99, from the northern tip of Folsom Lake to the southern tip of Lake McClure. Details and sign up are in the TourneyX link below. All anglers must be in good standing with a current 2021 Membership (additional $50 at sign up for your first tournament). Membership is valid through the tournament series for 2021. Details below.

2021 memberships


Memberships to fish 2021 are $50 and can be paid through PayPal or while registering for your first tournament through Tourney X Pro.

Purchase could not be completed at this time.

KBF Membership Needed

As of 01/14/2021

For insurance purposes, you will also need to sign-up for a membership through KBF - Kayak Bass Fishing. They are offering a FREE Membership option (which you must have to fish Yak-A-Bass events), but if you plan to fish any KBF events you will need to purchase an appropriate membership.

East of 99 Challenge 02/20/2021

As of 01/14/2021

East of Hwy 99 between Folsom Lake and Lake McClure. Any public body of water is allowed.

Launch 6:30am

Fishing starts 7:00 am

End of fishing 3:00 pm

Photo upload 4:00 pm

You must check in and check out using tourney x. Failure to do so will result in a dq for the day.

Please check Yak-A-Bass Facebook page under files for updated rules for 2021

5 fish per angler for the 2021 season

$50 Yak-A-Bass membership is required prior to competing for 2021. Failure to sign up for a membership prior to fishing will result in a disqualification and tournament entry will not be returned. Send your $50 membership to as soon as you can.

No Max on Anglers this year!

no cash payments accepted day of tournament. All fees payed through tourney x.

Payouts will be sent out through PayPal within 72 hours of close of tournament.

Follow all Yak-A-Bass rules to be posted on Facebook page under the files section

Last time to submit fish will be 4:00 pm if you do not have cell service and fail to submit prior to 4 pm your fish do not count.

A 1” penalty for any fish with open mouth

New rule for 2021- you may only hold the fish in the photo between the edge of the gill flap and the anal fin. You are no longer allowed to touch the tail!


Trolling motor kayaks must be registered and fully up to state regulations.

sportsmanship- please give your fellow anglers plenty of space. We had complaints of anglers fishing,on top of each other, looking at what people had tied on and marking waypoints of others catching fish. This is a sportsman ship issue and covered in our rules failure to give your fellow anglers space without permission can be grounds for DISQUALIFICATION with proof provided by the angler who feels there space is being invaded please give a 25-50 yard space without permission to your fellow anglers, if your buddy or fellow angler give you permission then there is no problem and fish on.

Have fun!.

$20 big fish high rollers side pot

$10 big fish low rollers side pot

$60 Yak-Pot cash buy in at sign up table split 50/30/20 top 3 who pay to play.

$5 skunk pot

$5 small limit.

Rule Changes

As of 01/14/2021

Visit the link below for rules and rule changes.

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